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Co-Q10 Plus : Coenzyme Q10 : ubiquinone

Co-Q10 Plus : Coenzyme Q10 : ubiquinone

Co-Q10 Plus is a unique product utilizing a vitaminlike substance called coenzyme Q10. An enzyme can induce chemical changes in other substances without being changed itself. Enzymes are made up of two parts – a protein portion and a cofactor protion consisting of minerals or vitamins.

On average- scientific studies recommend a minimum 100 mg of CoQ10 daily.

Each capsule of CoQ10 Plus provides 10mg of CoQ10 along with beneficial Target Minerals organically chelated with the amino acids glycine- histidine and leucine to enhance absorption. Also- each capsule contains the following nutrients in a base of capsicum fruit and hawthorn berries: CoQ10 – 10 mg- copper – 2.5mg- iron – 2mg- magnesium – 25mg- zinc – 5mg

Take one capsule with meals three times daily. Stock No. 1796-4. 60 capsules per bottle.