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Target P-14 (90 caps)

Target P-14 (90 caps)

Target P-14 Formula [Digestive] combines nutrients to support proper pancreatic function. Target minerals (chromium and zinc) are chelated to specific amino acids (glutamine, leucine and lysine) and are readily absorbed. Chromium is part of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which helps maintain blood glucose levels already within the normal range. It works with the body’s natural production of insulin in the pancreas. Zinc is a companion mineral involved in maintaining blood sugar levels already within the normal range. It also supports the function of B vitamins. 90 capsules.

These two minerals are combined within a unique blend of 14 herbs:

Golden seal root
Juniper berries
Uva ursi leaves
Rose hips
Mullein leaves
Garlic bulb
Yarrow flowers
Slippery elm bark
Capsicum fruit
Dandelion root
Marshmallow root
Nettle leaves
White oak bark
Licorice root

Each capsule provides:
Amount % DV
Chromium 80 mcg 70
Zinc 15 mg 100



*Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels

*Contains Two Species of “Prickly Pear”

*Helps Prevent Fat and Excess Sugars from Entering the Bloodstream

Nopal [Digestive, Glandular] is a cactus plant commonly known as the prickly pear. It contains pectins and mucilage that are beneficial to the digestive system.

Nopal is a low-glycemic-index food that is commonly consumed for its nutrient content. Several human studies
show possible hypoglycemic effects.

Nopal supports digestion and helps maintain blood-sugar levels that are already within the normal range.

Nopal combines the benefits of two different plant species into one powerful formula. Each capsule contains 400 mg nopal.

Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily. 100 capsules

This product helps maintain balanced blood sugar levels. Nopal is a cactus plant, commonly called “Prickly Pear.” Its succulent, de-thorned stems are prepared as food in Mexico. Nopal is becoming a popular natural health product in much of Latin America.

PBS for glandular function – liver and pancreas

PBS for glandular function – liver and pancreas

Balances blood sugar levels- strengthens glands- especially the pancreas and liver. Based on the effects of cedar berries. Also contains golden seal which helps lower blood sugar.

If you are taking insulin- remember that herbal nutrition works gradually over time. You should continue to check your blood sugar levels frequently and consult your doctor before adjusting your insulin intake.

CONTAINS: cedar berries- burdock- horseradish- goldenseal- Siberian ginseng. Take three capsules with meals three times daily. Stock 1054-7. 100 capsules per bottle.

HY-C (100 count)

HY-C (100 count)



• Supports the glandular system.

• Helps maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range.

• Supports respiratory health.

Description: HY-C, Chinese [Glandular] is a combination of 16 herbs that nutritionally support the glandular system and associated metabolic processes.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this formula is called bu yin, which means to “supplement yin.” In this case, yin is considered moisture.

These herbs work to support the body as it attempts to reduce fire and strengthen water (support associated organs and maintain normal metabolic processes). Its primary herbs include glehnia, rehmannia, ophiopogon and eucommia.

HY-C contains:

– Glehnia root.
– Eucommia bark.
– Rehmannia root.
– Ophiopogon root.
– Pueraria root.
– Trichosanthes root.
– Achyranthes root.
– Alisma rhizome.
– Anemarrhena rhizome.
– Asparagus root.
– Hoelen plant.
– Moutan root bark.
– Cornus fruit.
– Licorice root.
– Phellodendron bark.
– Schizandra fruit.
Adults: Take 3 capsules with a meal three times daily. 100 capsules.
Not Sold In California

Master Gland for Glandular function : A Key System Product!

Master Gland for Glandular function : A Key System Product!

A complete vitamin- mineral and herb tonic formula for gland health balance. The glands regulate energy- fluids- hormones- digestion and just about every other body function. Glandular balance is absolutely required for abudant health. Master Gland contains essential vitamins and mineral- combined with specific herbs which are rich in easily absorbed trace minerals- to supply the glands with nutrients essential for optimum health.

Helps pancreas- thyroid and adrenals produce the hormones that regulate energy and blood sugar levels.

CONTAINS: beta carotene- vitamins C and E- zinc- pantothenic acid- manganese- potassium- lecithin- in a base of licorice- lemon bioflavonoids- asparagus- alfalfa- parsley- kelp- black walnut- thyme- parthenium- schizandra- siberian ginseng- dong quai- dandelion- uva ursi- marshmallow.
120 capsules per bottle

Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula (NBS-AV) : Diabetes

Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula (NBS-AV) : Diabetes


Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula [Glandular]. This formula, developed by Indian Ayurvedic masters, provides nutrients necessary for glandular system function. It supports the liver, pancreas and intestines in promoting blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Each preservative-free capsule contains a 570 mg blend of concentrated extracts of these herbs:
Gymnema sylvestre leaf
Momordica charantia fruit bark
Pterocarpus marsupium gum
Aegle marmelos leaf
Enicostemma littorale herb
Andrographis paniculata herb
Curcuma longa rhizome
Syzygium cumini seed
Azadirachta indica leaf
Picrorhiza kurroa root
Trigonella foenum-graecum seed
Cyperus rotundus tuber
Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.