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JP-X (100 count)

JP-X (100 count)

This combination is diuretic and antiseptic. It is used to restore weakened sexual function- also scanty or difficult urination- water retention- bladder infections. The concept here is to reduce male characteristics that are related to too much water. Caution if nephritis (kidney degeneration)- this combination is intended for kidney inflammation and will stimulate production of urine. Contains dong quai- goldenseal- juniper berry- uva ursi- parsley- ginger- marshmallow.

Urinary Maintenance Capsules : Incontinence and Bladder Control

Urinary Maintenance Capsules : Incontinence and Bladder Control

A Nature’s Sunshine Key System Product!

A key product for the urinary system.

URY helps soothe inflammation- heals infection- stimulates urine flow and the excretion of uric acid- increases blood circulation to help facilitate the healing of damaged tissues- and promotes the balancing of fluids in the body- URY has been known to help tone and strengthen the bladder and improve bladder control.

CONTAINS: Vitamins B1-B2-C-D-Folic Acid-Magnesium-Niacinamide-pantothenic acid-potassium.
In a base containing: uva ursi leaves-hydrangea root-parsley herb-dandelion root-siberian ginseng root- schizandra fruit- dong quai root- cornsilk- horsetail herb- hops flowers- lemon bioflavonoids.
Take one capsule three times daily with a meal. Stock No. 2880-0. 120 capsules per bottle.

IF-C : mild diuretic and laxative

IF-C : mild diuretic and laxative

• Helps Supports the body’s natural process for muscle pain and inflamation relief following excercise and massage.

• Nourishes the structural and immune systems.

• Helps in the normal elimination of toxic metabolic waste.

IF-C, Chinese [Structural, Immune] is a combination of 18 herbs designed to support joint health and immunity and calm a stressed fire constitution. Its Chinese name qing re can be translated as “clear the heat.” These herbs nourish the structural and immune systems by stimulating blood flow and eliminating toxins through a variety of actions. Its primary herbs—schizonepeta, lonicera and forsythia—promote the removal of toxins and may help improve an overall feeling of well-being.

IF-C contains:

Lonicera flowers
Forsythia fruit
Chrysanthemum flowers
Gardenia fruit
Ligusticum rhizome
Peony root
Platycodon root
Schizonepeta herb
Scute root
Arctium seed
Bupleurum root
Dang gui root
Phellodendron bark
Siler root
Vitex fruit
Carthamus flowers
Coptis rhizome
Licorice root

Adults: Take 4 capsules with a meal twice daily. 100 capsules per bottle.

Cranberry / Buchu Concentrate : Urinary Tract Health

Cranberry / Buchu Concentrate : Urinary Tract Health

•Nutritionally supports the health of the urinary tract.
•Helps deodorize urine.

Millions are familiar with the benefits of cranberry in relation to the urinary system. But the scientific community had to take a closer look before it would agree with long held folk wisdom. A study revealed in the Journal of American Medical Association (March 1994) concluded that cranberry juice contains substances that alter the bacteria population in urine.


For centuries, herbalists have know the diuretic properties of cranberry. Cranberries also help promote healthy digestion. Buchu is rich in the mineral selenium which helps in DNA repair. Buchu has antioxidant properties because it helps form selenium glutathione peroxidase. This diuretic herb contains camphor like oil that helps keep the urinary tract healthy.

Along with the nutritional advantages of concentrated cranberry juice , Natures Sunshine is the only company in the world marketing cranberry juice with buchu herb.

Cranberry/Buchu Concentrate [Urinary]. Scientific studies have concluded that cranberry juice contains substances that affect the urinary tract by interfering with the adhesion of potentially dangerous microbes to the urinary tract lining.

NSP combines cranberry juice concentrate with buchu herb concentrate. Buchu helps nourish the urinary tract. Its powerful, penetrating aroma is akin to peppermint. Careful processing reduces the liquid to a concentrated powder before encapsulation.

NOTE: Do not take this concentrated formula in conjunction with uva ursi.

Adults: Take 1–2 capsules with a meal three times daily.
Children: Take 1 capsule with a meal twice daily. Use daily to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.

4 Kids Too!Stock No. 834-5 (100) 4 Kids Too!™



Hydrangea [Urinary]. Originally used by the Cherokee Indians for kidney support, hydrangea was introduced to early American settlers for similar purposes.

A common shrub, hydrangea is a bitter and a solvent. Its solvent properties nutritionally support the urinary system. It contains natural minerals plus silicon, flavonoids, resins and saponins. In this formula, the dried, powdered root is used. Each capsule contains 325 mg hydrangea.

Adults: Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.
100 per bottle. Kosher certified.

Cornsilk : Bladder and Kidney Formula

Cornsilk : Bladder and Kidney Formula

Cornsilk [Urinary]. The silky tassel inside the corn husk is not often considered a food, but it is highly valued in herbology as a support to the urinarysystem. After the corn plant has shed its pollen, the silk is gathered, dried and powdered for various uses. It contains silicon, B vitamins, PABA and moderate amounts of iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Its key constituents are maizenic acid, fixed oil, resin and mucilage.

Cornsilk is very popular in Chinese herbology and is an example of one of the many valuable sources of nutrition that go overlooked or are considered waste by the general population. Nature’s Sunshine knows better! Each capsule contains 400 mg cornsilk. Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.Stock No. 235-3 (100)