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BP-X Chinese Herbal Medicine

BP-X Chinese Herbal Medicine

• Helps maintain healthy bowel function.
• Improves digestion.
• Assists normal liver and gallbladder function.
• Strengthens the lymphatic system.
• Aids (indirectly) skin conditions.

BP-X stands for blood purity. meaning blood that is relatively free of the body’s own waste products and environmental toxins. The body needs clean blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the trillions of cells that comprise it.
This popular herbal formulation benefits the detoxifying functions of the body, improving digestive and eliminative functions and enhancing immune response.

In most cases, internal toxicity manifests itself in the skin and other organs and disturbs normal mood and brain function. When these toxins are removed from the body, other concerns may vanish as the body restores itself. The actions of this herbal formula are complex and varied, and have proven effective over time. Colon cleansing is also enhanced with BP-X.

Pau d’Arco an immune enhancing herb from South America, and yellow dock, traditionally used to strengthen the blood, are key herbs in this unique formula.

BP-X® [Circulatory] combines herbs traditionally used to support blood and kidney health. This formula helps maintain healthy bowel function and supports digestion, which may support blood quality.

It contains:

Burdock root
Pau d’arco bark
Red clover tops
Sarsaparilla root
Yellow dock root
Dandelion root
Buckthorn bark
Cascara sagrada bark
Peach bark
Yarrow flowers
Oregon grape root
Prickly ash bark

NOTE: This product contains cascara sagrada and buckthorn. See your health care provider prior to use if: pregnant or nursing, any medical condition exists, or when taking any medication. Read and follow recommendation carefully. Do not use if diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain are present or develop. Use of this product may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Chronic diarrhea can result in serious illness.

Adults: Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily. 100 capsules. Kosher certified.

HSN Complex (90 count)

HSN Complex (90 count)


• Provides essential nutrients for a healthy hair, skin and nails.

• Formulated to nourish from the inside out.

• It provides botanicals rich in silica, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Description: HSN Complex®, Natria [Skin] contains botanicals and herbals to help support healthy hair, skin and nails.

The formula includes horsetail, an important source of highly bioavailable silica—an essential building block for structural system health.

The additional benefits of hyssop, aloe vera, rosemary, Ginkgo biloba concentrate and the potent antioxidant Rhododendron caucasicum provide nutrients to support hair, skin and nails.

Adults: Take 2 to 3 capsules with a meal twice daily. 90 capsules per bottle. Kosher certified

Ayurvedic Formula for Skin Problems (SKN-AV)

Ayurvedic Formula for Skin Problems (SKN-AV)

Ayurvedic Skin Detox (formerly SKN-AV™) [Skin]. As the largest organ of the body and one that has continuous contact with the environment, the skin needs proper care and nourishment to remain healthy. Since the skin is a primary organ of detoxification, manifestations on the skin often reflect our general state of internal health. As with all NSP Ayurvedic formulas, Ayurvedic Skin Detox is designed to restore the body (especially the skin) to a balanced state of well-being. Its Western counterpart would be HSN-W®. Ayurvedic Skin Detox CONTAINS: dandelion Acacia catechu Azadirachta indica Smilax china Picrorhiza kurroa Hemidesmus indicus Holarrbena antidysenterica Rubia cordifolia Swertia chirata Caesalpinia crista Fumaria parviflora Alstonia scholaris Tinospora cordifolia Curcuma longa Phylilanthus emblica Terminalia belerica Terminalia chebula. Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.Stock No. 1299-6 (100 capsules) Label Description

Herbal Combination Supplement

Recommended Usage
Take two capsules with a meal three times daily. For best results use with BP-X (Blood Purifier Formula) and Irish Moss Hand and Body Lotion.