Feverfew High Parthenolide (100 count)

Feverfew High Parthenolide (100 count)

• Supports the central nervous system.

• Offers structural support for the body, particularly the joints.

• Promotes the natural balance of prostaglandin and serotonin levels.

Description: Feverfew, High-Parthenolide [Nervous], commonly known as Bachelor’s Buttons, provides nutrition to the central nervous system.

This herb offers nutritional support for migraine headaches.

High-Parthenolide Feverfew delivers 500 mcg of parthenolide in a total of 201 mg of feverfew—from a specially grown “high parthenolide” feverfew leaf—per capsule.

Parthenolides are sesquiterpene lactones, the major dietary components of feverfew.

NOTE: Do not take feverfew during pregnancy. Adults: Take 1 capsule daily with a meal. 100 capsules per bottle.