BP-C Blood Purifier and Liver Builder

BP-C Blood Purifier and Liver Builder

Blood Build, Chinese [Circulatory] is a Chinese combination of 18 herbs designed to nutritionally support the blood, liver, glands and general circulation.The Chinese call this formula bu xue, which translates as “to nurture the blood.”
It is designed to strengthen a weakened wood constitution.

This formula may improve blood quality and purity and help strengthen the immune system. Primary herbs include dang gui, alisma, peony, ganoderma and atractylodes.

The combination includes:
Ganoderma mushroom
Lycium fruit
Peony root without bark
Tang-kuei root
Bupleurum root
Cornus fruit without seeds
Curcuma root tuber
Salvia root and rhizome
Achyranthes root
Alisma rhizome
Astragalus root
Atractylodes rhizome
Cnidium rhizome
He shou wu root tuber
Ligustrum fruit
Rehmannia root tuber
Cyperus rhizome
Panax ginseng root

Take 3 capsules with a meal three times daily.

For best results, use with I-X and Skeletal Strength.

Rebuilding a weakened liver and removing toxins from the blood will have encouraging corrective effects throughout the body- such as restoring hormone balances- and overall energy levels.

Weakened liver conditions include PMS- hypoglycemia- skin problems- cirrhosis and hepatitis. A weakened liver weakens the entire body.

Although men get general benefit- women enjoy additonal support for female reproductive and endocrine systems. BP-C also contains powerful immune system stimulant herbs.

Take three capsules three times daily. 100 capsules.