STR-C : stress relief – anxiety

STR-C : stress relief – anxiety

• Nourishes the nervous system.
• May optimize gastric function.
• Supports circulatory health.

Stress Relief, Chinese [Nervous] is a combination of 14 herbs and natural substances used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support emotional balance and calm a stressed fire constitution. The Chinese call this formula an shen, which can be translated to mean “to pacify the spirit.”

These herbs may help to nourish the nervous system and subsequently help improve gastric function and strengthen the urinary system. Its primary nutrients—polygonatum, oyster shell, haliotis shell and fushen—may help support both mental function and the cardiovascular system.

Stress Relief contains:
Oyster shell
Albizzia bark
Polygonatum rhizome
Haliotis shell
Fushen sclerotium with root
Acorus rhizome
Curcuma root tuber
Panax ginseng root
Jujuba seed
Polygala root
Coptis rhizome
Cinnamon twig
Ginger rhizome
Licorice root

This formula is commonly used in conjunction with vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, passion flower herb, chamomile flowers and hops flowers.

Adults: 100 capsules per bottle. Take 4 capsules with a meal twice daily. For best results, use with Suma Combination.